The Be Free Podcast

Cory Marquez - A Be Free Story

November 19, 2018

In this very special episode of The Be Free Podcast, I sat down with Cory Marquez. I'm so pumped to share his story with you, because he has been instrumental in the development of Be Free ever since we became friends two years ago. Cory has constantly encouraged me to take the next steps with Be Free and dream big. He believes in the mission so much that he is the Chair of our Board of Advisors. Cory is a co-paster at New Abbey Church in Pasadena, CA and is married to Karissa and has three lovely young kids. 

Cory's story is one of conviction and justice. Cory is what some would consider a "beacon of privilege" in that he hits all of the privilege checkmarks: Straight, white, male, Christian, Cisgender, (I would add tall to that list!). However, Cory has chosen to do everything in his power to empower the marginalized. We get to hear so much as to what brought Cory to this mission, but we also get to hear about some of the darkest moments he has had along the way. Cory's VULNERABILITY and gifts of EMPOWERMENT and STORYTELLING are revealed in this episode, and I'm so glad we get to share it with our be free community. 

Peace and Freedom,