“I Fell in Love with Him, but He’s Straight” with Ryan Forsell

March 13, 2019

It's finally here. I've been hoping to create this interview with Ryan Forsell for literal YEARS. Ryan's heart is akin to no one else I've ever met, and it's because of him and my friendship with him that Be Free even started. I met Ryan my sophomore year of college, instantly fell in love with him, and became best friends with him- only to discover that he could only be in a relationship with a woman. This interview is so important to me because I get to highlight someone who completely changed my life, and ignited a movement out of an incredible story of forgiveness, patience, and redemption. 

Also, the first 13 episodes of this podcast are an audiobook of mine and Ryan's story, as written and narrated by me. All of these podcasts, including this episode are scored by the genius Corey Martin.

Thank you, Ryan, for changing my life, and now giving me the opportunity to share your love out to the Be Free community.

Have you thought about Therapy? with Brennan Jung

December 17, 2018

Today we get to be a little bit more free with Brennan Jung! I've known Brennan for years, but since Be Free came on the scene, he has been right here along the way. We realized Brennan has been to the most Be Free Stories Nights out of anyone! His support, love, and wisdom has given us so much direction and hope for the future of what we are doing with Be Free.

Brennan is a Doctoral candidate and psychotherapist with training in clinical psychology and spiritual integration, he’s part of Angeles Psychology Group, Angelespsychologygroup.com

If you’re interested in him or the other therapists you can schedule a direct call with him through the website, mention be free over the phone especially if you want to start therapy.

Thank you for listening to the Be Free podcast and staying up on the Be Free Community. 2019 is coming quick and I can't wait to share with you all that we are working on to grow and help more people in more places Be Free!!

Peace and Freedom,

Brian Terada

Be Free

Where is the Hope?

November 26, 2018

I'm nervous about this episode. I'm nervous about the work that's being done on my heart over this past year, but I'm also so grateful for it.

This coming Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, we are having our last Stories Night in LA of 2018. Yesterday, I was driving and I realized I have a new Be Free Story to tell- one that is going on with me right now. It isn't about coming out six years ago, it's about freedom I'm searching for in the present. It is about HOPE that I am searching for in the present.

And that is what this episode is about- when life seems mundane, boring, and even depressing- where is the hope? 

Through some stories about Be Free and my own experience, I hope we can get close to answering that question- and even find a little hope along the way.

Peace and Freedom,


Cory Marquez - A Be Free Story

November 19, 2018

In this very special episode of The Be Free Podcast, I sat down with Cory Marquez. I'm so pumped to share his story with you, because he has been instrumental in the development of Be Free ever since we became friends two years ago. Cory has constantly encouraged me to take the next steps with Be Free and dream big. He believes in the mission so much that he is the Chair of our Board of Advisors. Cory is a co-paster at New Abbey Church in Pasadena, CA and is married to Karissa and has three lovely young kids. 

Cory's story is one of conviction and justice. Cory is what some would consider a "beacon of privilege" in that he hits all of the privilege checkmarks: Straight, white, male, Christian, Cisgender, (I would add tall to that list!). However, Cory has chosen to do everything in his power to empower the marginalized. We get to hear so much as to what brought Cory to this mission, but we also get to hear about some of the darkest moments he has had along the way. Cory's VULNERABILITY and gifts of EMPOWERMENT and STORYTELLING are revealed in this episode, and I'm so glad we get to share it with our be free community. 

Peace and Freedom,


Be Free to ask for Help

November 12, 2018

This past week I did something that I always encourage other people to do, but never do myself. I admitted to myself that I need some help. Sharing that story on this podcast was a release, and hopefully it will be encouraging for you and others in your life to do the same.

We belong to each other, we need each other. As much as we would like to, we cannot do this thing called LIFE on our own. There are so many factors that keep us from reaching out and asking for help, such as:

1. fear of being a burden on others

2. it's easier to just ignore the problem

3. admitting to others we need help

4. admitting to ourselves we need help


and I am TACKLING those barriers in this podcast. I had no idea how much those things keep me from asking for help.

The truth is, it's okay to ask for help. It's okay if it takes you a long time to get there. My hope and prayer is that we can all be a little bit more free to admit to ourselves and others that we need help :)

Peace and freedom,


Welcome Back to the Be Free Podcast

November 5, 2018

It is finally time to bring back the Be Free Podcast! This first episode is an interview I did with Callie Mulville. On this episode, she is actually interviewing me about Be Free/my coming out experience for a work project at Sacramento State. I asked her if I could record the conversation because I figured we would talk about a lot of things that the Be Free community should know.

Over the last year, we've held Be Free Stories Nights all over the country, and we have so many more planned for next year already. Sitting in these circles hearing these Be Free Stories Nights is such a gift that we wanted to keep telling these stories on the Podcast. So, this show will be serve to keep the Be Free community informed on everything we're up to, how you can get involved, and of course to share Be Free Stories! We will be aiming to post new episodes at least twice a month. We will be interviewing people hearing their stories and reflecting on all we have to learn and grow from hearing from these incredible people. THANK YOU for your support for Be Free, helping people come out as whatever and be a little bit more free.

To get involved or support Be Free/the Be Free Podcast, go to befreestories.com :)

Peace and Freedom,

Brian Terada

Music by Corey Martin

Episode 23: The Story of Be Free (Big Updates!)

September 5, 2017

How did this BE FREE thing come about? More importantly, WHY did it come about. How can you get involvled? COME TO THE BE FREE BIRTHDAY PARTY ON SEPTEMBER 22ND 2017 at MANTRA COFFEE COMPANY IN Azusa, CA! Live music, Be Free People, Be Free Stuff, Coffee, Treats, etc. 

We'll see you there!

Peace n Freedom,


Episode 22: Our New President

November 11, 2016

It's been a while since I've cried while recording a Podcast. I love you all. Let's never stop dreaming. Let's believe that our God is good and he is faithful too.

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Peace and Freedom everyone


Episode 21: I Am Not Free

October 27, 2016

I am so afraid to post this Podcast and to take this next step in the BE FREE journey, but it has become so apparent that this is what needs to happen. 

In order to make all of the BE FREE dreams come true (including continuing the podcast, the youtube channel, the documentary, the parties, the conferences, the books), we need more time. And in order to have more time, we need more funds. 

Please give this episode a listen if you would like to know why this is the important next step in the BE FREE journey, and if you would like to learn more, head on over to the following link:

Peace and Freedom Everybody :)

Episode 20: How to Love (Part 1) Start With Yourself

October 11, 2016

Today we begin a series entitled "How to Love" and I can't think of a better day to start this series than today BECAUSE it is National Coming Out Day! To me, this day is all about love. Loving yourself and loving others JUST as they are and JUST as YOU are!

The first part of this series is about starting with yourself because you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself. We go through a few important ideas to think about when you start with yourself and they are as follows:

- In order to love others, you need to love yourself.
- Love is an action- including when it comes to loving yourself.
- Choosing inspiration over jealousy
- Don't believe the lies that say you aren't worth love
- Identify the people in your life who know what love is.
- Accept the Grace that is offered to you constantly - and give it to yourself too :)

Thank you guys for listening, happy national coming out day, and I wish you all peace and freedom :)