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Welcome Back to the Be Free Podcast

November 5, 2018

It is finally time to bring back the Be Free Podcast! This first episode is an interview I did with Callie Mulville. On this episode, she is actually interviewing me about Be Free/my coming out experience for a work project at Sacramento State. I asked her if I could record the conversation because I figured we would talk about a lot of things that the Be Free community should know.

Over the last year, we've held Be Free Stories Nights all over the country, and we have so many more planned for next year already. Sitting in these circles hearing these Be Free Stories Nights is such a gift that we wanted to keep telling these stories on the Podcast. So, this show will be serve to keep the Be Free community informed on everything we're up to, how you can get involved, and of course to share Be Free Stories! We will be aiming to post new episodes at least twice a month. We will be interviewing people hearing their stories and reflecting on all we have to learn and grow from hearing from these incredible people. THANK YOU for your support for Be Free, helping people come out as whatever and be a little bit more free.

To get involved or support Be Free/the Be Free Podcast, go to :)

Peace and Freedom,

Brian Terada

Music by Corey Martin

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