The Be Free Podcast

“I Fell in Love with Him, but He’s Straight” with Ryan Forsell

March 13, 2019

It's finally here. I've been hoping to create this interview with Ryan Forsell for literal YEARS. Ryan's heart is akin to no one else I've ever met, and it's because of him and my friendship with him that Be Free even started. I met Ryan my sophomore year of college, instantly fell in love with him, and became best friends with him- only to discover that he could only be in a relationship with a woman. This interview is so important to me because I get to highlight someone who completely changed my life, and ignited a movement out of an incredible story of forgiveness, patience, and redemption. 

Also, the first 13 episodes of this podcast are an audiobook of mine and Ryan's story, as written and narrated by me. All of these podcasts, including this episode are scored by the genius Corey Martin.

Thank you, Ryan, for changing my life, and now giving me the opportunity to share your love out to the Be Free community.

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