The Be Free Podcast

Episode 19: BE FREE PARTY Recap!

September 29, 2016

The BE FREE Party happened on Friday, September 23rd 2016 and let's just say IT CANNOT be the last one!! SO Many people came together to turn the night into a place of creativity, community, hope, love, and Freedom! We got to sing songs, see art, take photos in a photobooth, and find a place of solidarity and freedom with each other.

The first half of this Episode is my own thoughts on the evening and what I think it was the beginning of (MORE PARTIES around the US?!), and the second half is a recording of Brittany Barron talking and then myself talking AND THEN all of us singing a song together about Freedom.

If you missed the party, or you went and you want a chance to relive it,  you can listen here or you can also watch the video of the song at 

THANK YOU for making this evening possible by the freedom you all give me. Thank you for the countless people who find freedom because of your boldness to dive into the stories of others and discover new ways of loving. Let's have some more parties yeah?

Peace and Freedom y'all :)