The Be Free Podcast

Episode 16: Hope is on the Horizon

August 22, 2016

Kyle wrote me a letter about the story of our friendship. I read the letter out loud with him sitting by me, so that I could crash into him every time I came to a section I couldn't bear. Once again, he held me, and he cried with me.

And then, when I finished the letter, I knew I had to do something that I could have never done before. 


Come join us on September 23rd at 7PM at Mantra Coffee Company in Azusa, CA for a night of music, art, storytelling, and freedom. The BE FREE Party is the launch of the BE FREE initiative (BE FREE means you are a safe person to come out to). There are already so many of you that have RSVP'd and I can't wait to see you all and celebrate with you there!!

Peace and freedom y'all :)