The Be Free Podcast

Episode 09: What We Want

July 4, 2016

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and recognize all the ways you are inhibiting other people from loving you? How many things you are hiding, how many things you assume about the way they'll respond to your truth, how many things you wish to change about yourself before you share your story with the world. 

Love doesn't wait for you to come around.
Love doesn't hold out until you've found your groove.
Love isn't a goal you can achieve.

Love is yours, now. There are real people in the world who will love you with reckless abandon. These are the people who know who God is and what God is. God is made of love, and God made us in love.

This episode is about how I finally started to recognize a pattern in the way that people filled with true love were responding to my heart. This episode was written in hopes that you would find people who would do the same.

Peace and freedom my friends <3