The Be Free Podcast

Episode 07: “You Have Power”

June 20, 2016

As much as seeing Kyle made me shiver with shame, we decided that we would try something that most people would advise against; meet up and talk for hours every week. Zed was skeptical of our plan, so he decided to investigate whether or not this strategy could really be beneficial. 

At the end of this episode, I am sharing another huge part of my soul; music. The song I am sharing is a cover of a Josh Garrels song entitled "The Children's Song". During this time in my life, I would listen to this song on repeat, as the lyrics consoled me that life would be difficult, but we can still have hope in the fact that Jesus has overcome the world.

I am also so excited to share with you all an idea that I've been dreaming up for a few months now: but I won't be announcing the plan until next week- because the dream came from a realization that I go through in next week's episode. It is going to be so fun and amazing and it will really help a lot of people find freedom. 

Peace and freedom to you all!